Cosmetic Dentistry

Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry

Patient expectations are as individual as the patients themselves. For example, one patient may desire a smile makeover with an emphasis on esthetics, while another may request a similar look but with function as the primary goal. Luckily, today we are able to satisfy both requirements thanks to the proliferation of tooth-colored materials that are both durable and esthetic. Dr. Zalavadia continues to participate in high-end cosmetic dentistry courses, making him one of the only dentists in the area who specializes in this growing field.

Dr. Zalavadia finds cosmetic dentistry to be particularly rewarding because of the dramatic effects it can have on a patient’s life. We’ve witnessed patient reactions ranging from silent tears to celebratory cheers and hugs. It doesn’t get much better!

  • All-Porcelain Crowns, Inlays & Onlays
  • Bonding
  • Orthodontics
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Tooth-Colored Fillings
  • Teeth Whitening/Bleaching: Both in-office laser teeth whitening treatments & take-home teeth whitening formulas

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Visit our Cosmetic Dentistry InfoSite to learn more about the procedures involved in giving you the perfect smile.

Porcelain Veneers, Laminates, and Lumineers

Transform your smile with cosmetic dentistry.

Are you proud of your smile? Do you look at magazine models and television stars wishing you had the same confident grin they have? If your front teeth are discolored and stained, chipped, cracked, slightly misaligned, or have metal fillings, consider veneers. Made from thin sheaths of porcelain layered atop each other, veneers can completely cover the front of your teeth to create a perfectly shaped, dazzlingly white, absolutely gorgeous smile. The most modern veneers look completely natural, too.

After a comprehensive exam, we will develop a cosmetic plan to make your weak smile strong. Veneers, also called laminates, are long lasting, stain resistant, and require only two visits for the complete treatment. In fact, you’ll leave the first appointment with a set of temporary veneers while your custom final veneers are being crafted at a lab.A popular brand of veneers is Lumineers because they require no tooth reduction and are reversible.

To see what your smile would look like with veneers, we recommend you review our before and after cases, request a diagnostic wax up, or ask us about digital imaging, a computer program that will create an image of you with your new veneers. These tools can help you decide if veneers would be a good choice for your smile. Because we custom craft each patient’s veneers, you can choose the shape, color, and style that best compliments your appearance and the image you want to achieve.

Dental care for veneers is no different from regular dental care. Clean and floss your new smile daily, visit us regularly for professional care and maintenance, and consider wearing a night-guard to prevent teeth grinding while you sleep. If you’re ready for a smile that can boost your self confidence and enhance your image, ask us about veneers today.

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Visit our Porcelain Veneers InfoSite to learn more about the procedures involved in giving you the perfect smile.

Porcelain Crowns

If you’re self-conscious about cracked, broken, decayed, or worn teeth, we can bring back your healthy, natural-looking smile with dental crowns, also called caps. A crown can return structure, strength, and function to a tooth with extensive decay or damage. Designed to fit snugly and function as a healthy tooth, a crown will protect your tooth from further damage and preserve the jaw’s correct natural alignment.

We use precious metal, porcelain pressed (or fused) to metal, or all-porcelain crowns. To maintain a fully white smile, we recommend all-ceramic crowns. Our precise color-matching system allows us to find the right shade of porcelain to blend with your natural tooth color. Porcelain crowns are also extremely durable and long lasting, and these benefits make them popular with dentists as well as patients.

Typically, we can design, fit, and place your crowns in just a couple of short appointments. Once a crown is placed, you can care for it as you do your natural teeth. Conscientious brushing twice a day and daily flossing will protect the base of your crown from bacterial growth. Be sure to see us at least two times each year for professional cleanings and a preventive exam, too.